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Our Story

Podz are the hottest thing in tanning eyewear. Podz are convenient, protective tanning lenses that store in a super-cute, super-small carrying case. In it’s own little protective shell, are a pair of top quality eyewear. They keep clean and scratch free, easy to find and always handy. Podz leave no raccoon eyes or white marks on the bridge of your nose. The case is attached to a key ring, so you can hook it to your key chain, purse, jeans, rearview mirror or anything else you can think of. This means you will never have an excuse for “forgetting” your tanning eyewear again. Podz are for use in tanning beds and stand ups look at the full selection to make your choice to what fits you the best.

Howard and Christy Hogan launched Dr. Sun Rx cosmetics in 2009. After being introduced to the tanning industry in 2001 and later became the producers of Podz Eyewear, founded in 2007.

Christy Hogan invented the patented Podz Eyewear in 2007; cute convenient tanning goggles on key chain and continues with her husband Howard to grow the brand.

Our Story

Later after founding Podz, Howard and Christy found their son struggling with a skin condition called Keratosis Pilaris. At first the skin condition was misdiagnosed and initially treated with acid peels and other creams that carried little results. Later Howard and Christy treated his Keratosis Pilaris with the Dr. Sun Rx Vitamin D formula with unexpected and amazing results. Understanding the formulation and how many others struggle with similar skin conditions they began to share their formulation with others, thereby creating the Dr. Sun Rx Collection.

In 2013 Dr. Sun Rx brought manufacturing in house to control product development along with packaging and updated technology.

Dr. Sun Rx continues to develop its distribution in the tanning and beauty industries. See more products on Dr.Sun Rx or Dr.SunCosmetics.com

Classic Podz

Classic Podz Eyewear is the original innovative tanning eyewear on a keychain. Classic Podz cases are perfect for private labeling so that salons can utilize eyewear as a marketing tool. The FDA approved lenses and patented design are the lowest profile lenses in the industry.

Soft Podz

Soft Podz are a one-piece flex-fit design with a clear nose piece to help minimize tan lines. The Soft Podz eyewear is FDA approved and patented. This unique eyewear has a clear view and comfortable fit. The Soft Podz case is a unique squeeze-to-open case and also comes on a key chain.

Meet the Podz Eyewear Staff

President Podz Eyewear & Dr. Sun

Christine Hogan

Vice President Podz Eyewear & Dr. Sun

Howard Hogan

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