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Breast Cancer Sunglasses

Comes in tan tint with the pink frame or black tint with black frame.

Classic Podz

Classic Tanning eyewear on a key chain is convenient so you never lose your eyewear again.
Colors: Blue, Green, Pink, Red, and Yellow

Designer Classics

Designer tanning goggles, two interlocking eyewear in a cute designer carrying case.
*Low Profile
*For use in lay down tanning units.
*Fun, young, and colorful designs

Yellow Plaid, Red with Dogs, Blue Plaid, Green with Big Dots, Purple Zebra Stripes, and Pink with Small Dots

Disposable Eye Protection – ProViews by Podz

ProViews by Podz

Roll of 210 disposable eyewear.
Bundles are a great way to refill key chain, use over and over!
Complete UVA and UVB protection.
Designed and Assembled in the USA
USA made film

Fashion 2016 Eyewear

Fashionable design tanning goggles with a clear nose peice with matching carrying bag.

Flex Eyewear Box of 72

72 Flex traditional tanning goggles style boxed to hang or stand. These flex are featuring a hip, new soft flexible material. This product gives a soft cushioned feeling around the eye, providing a relaxed fit. Now available in assorted bright neon colors!

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