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Don’t be left in the Dark “Opaque Lenses”

First thing to understand about opaque lenses is that they are completely  blacked out, no light comes through them.

When you are sensitive to light or customers don’t like the glaring light from facial bulbs you may consider opaque lenses. These are available in the soft style, with a collasible nose piece.

PE-SFTOP small

Podz original soft podz lenses have the same purple lenses for over nine years and are great for any tanning bed but when you have someone say they still need darker lenses you may consider using these, or possibly our fashion. The lenses on the fashion are very dark or try our green lenses.

Why would someone want these goggles when tanning or during a facial service,  if  someone has had corneal abrasion, uveitis, dry eyes, contact lens irritations, sunburn, medications, detatched retina, or refractive surgery. Photophobia happens to people of all ages and both sexes. It can be temporary or constant.

A common or temporary occurance is leaving a movie theatre. The sunlight after can be unbearable, however this is only temporary.

Sometime sensitivity can be a result of the pupil opening and closing to slowly or the cornea & tear not working together to create a smooth and lubricated surface to begin the process of focusing light properly.

The light may cause these clients sensitivity along with clients who may use medications listed below. Quinine, Belladonna, Tetracycline, Doxycycline, Atropine, Amphetamines, Cocaine, Phenylephrine, Scopolomine, Idoxuridine, Trifluridine, Vidarabine,  Tropicamide, and Eye drops that dilate the eyes.

You don’t have to have had surgery and or be on medication to have sensitivity.

Did you know a person’s eye color can also influence their sensitivity to light. People with lighter color eyes experience greater sensitivity than pople with darker colored eyes . The extra pigment in darker colored eyes is thought to protect against harsh lighting and bright sunlight. Some people are born with large pupils. The pupil is the black center of each eye that allows light to enter. In reality, the pupil is the window of the eye. A kitchen with large windows will let in more light than a kitchen with small windows. The same goes for pupil sizes. Each person’s pupil is different in size.  Some people experience more sensitivity than others due to larger pupils.

Sensitivity to light can affect anyone, when or if you find yourself or another with this common eye sensitivity know you are not alone, seek help if you are unaware of the cause.

Reguardless of why people choose Opaque Lenses,  you will enjoy the restful calm that come with wearing them.




Sunglass season and what it means for you.


Everyone needs sunglasses, seriously I have thousands of sunglasses in stock but I am tempted every time I pull into a gas station or store and miss placed mine.


The sun is a constant reminder of why I need them. I find my self digging through my purse and asking where did those go as I blocking the sun on my face with my hand as I go into the grocery store.

If I a manufacture of sunglasses has that problem and have an endless supply available to me can you image what everyone else is going through.  You could be helping them.

Most sunglasses are under $20 at any convenient store and are readily available.  If you have thought of selling sunglasses now is the time to buy. Dr.SunCosmetics.com has a great sale even with the Jessica Robertson Brand.

Quality is important to me so when picking a good product we put them through the test. Stepping on them, sitting on them, throwing them in the sink. Asking do they float etc. We test and prud our products and if your not 100% satisified we will filp over backwards for you to make it right.

What makes a good pair of glasses? For me its the fit and function, if the nose piece is off or the ear piece sucks and rubs me wrong I would rather throw them away then keep them on my dresser.

The tint is equally important, if it is way too dark  I am done. I need to see what I am doing with a good sense of what is around me. Too light makes things unbeariable, if I had any thing to drink previous and let’s face it if I am outside by the pool I’am not going to turn away a nice summer beer.

Keep it real and order your newest sunglasses for drsuncosmetics.com and get a free display with a 12 pc. purchase. Ask about the 48 pack deal with the free stand up display. It rocks.


What Does Your Nail Shape Say About You?

What Does Your  Nail Shape Say About You?

With over 15 years of nail tech experience many customers have sat in my chair and well as you later find out sometimes you can tell who they are or what they do without even talking to them. It does take time to truly know someone so you can’t always read a book by its cover but its funny if you see the likely comparisons with people you know and yourself. See if any of these ring true to you or your friends.

Round – Steady, loyal, and true to their word. A true friend to the end and someone you could call to bail you out of jail, but you wouldn’t want to call them due to their high standards.

Square – Rowdy, go get’em kinda girl. Strong, confident and a positive out look on almost anything. This person shows up late and pays with big tips, but is always a good time and great company.

Pointed – Dressed to impress, and has somewhere to go. Always likes the extravagant looks with a flare of design on everything. Confident yet soft inside, this style almost shows vulnerable in relationships and has large walls to break down to get to know them. Once you do watch out, they will never stop talking.

Squoval (square round) – This person is friendly, outgoing and will help a complete stranger even when they should not. Overly honest and wears their emotions on their sleeve.

Almond – This person is laid back and less approachable, they would sit back and let someone show them before they would jump into anything. Steady, loyal and trustworthy if you can gain their trust. These people can keep a secret and will be a good friend.

Oval – This is a great best friend that enjoys a good book. This person takes care of everything to the smallest detail, almost a perfectionist. They care deeply about family and shows only the closest company what they are truly capable of; a lot!

Hope this was enlightening and gave you something to think about when you see someones nails. Keep in mind this is a broad stroke comparison and you may come up with something different all together but its funny how some of these styles are pretty close to predicting some personalities and style. Speaking of style, Podz released a new Magic Gel Air Dry polish. This polish dries in 3 minutes or less and is  great for natural nails, long lasting pedicures and nice extending polish for artificial nails. Try it and  if you send a friend to this site they will get their first order for 1/2 price, so try clicking on the link below:

Podz Air Dry Magic Gel


Beauty Essentials

Spring Break Essentials From Jessica Robertson

View on www.beautystylewatch.com

Tanning & You ;)

When there is so much conflicting information out there you want to make sure you are making the best decision for your skin type and tanning indoors or outdoors.

I try to explain to everyone I know it is all about your genetic make up. Your body’s natural process to create a tan, build muscle or adapt to your environment is part of our bodies process.

Tanning is natural, think of tanning exposure similar to plant light exposure.
Not all plants do well in full light and others flourish in it. Its all a part of your genetic make up per individual.

This is why.

To create a tan your body makes melanin. Melanin is a complex polymer derived from the amino acid tyrosine. Melanin is responsible for determining skin and hair color and is present in the skin to varying degrees, depending on how much a population has been exposed to the sun historically.

Melanin synthesis
Numerous steps are involved in the biosynthesis of melanin. The first step is catalysis of the chemical L-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine by tyrosinase. A lack of tyrosine can lead to albinism. Tyrosine is only found in a specialized cells called melanocytes, inside which tiny granules of melanin pigment are contained in vesicles called melanosomes.

These melanosomes leave the melanocytes and move into other cells in the epidermis. Mostly brown or black in colour, melanin deposits determine the skin pigment which varies depending on the number and distribution of the melanosomes. Aside from determining skin colour, the light absorbent melanin protects the DNA against UV radiation from the sun.

Melanin is a substance that affects how light or dark your skin color is. The more melanin you have, the darker your skin color. The amount of melanin you have in your skin affects the amount of vitamin D you can produce.

Melanin protects against skin damage from too much UVB exposure, so darker skins with more melanin allow less UVB to enter the skin. With less UVB getting through the skin, less vitamin D is produced each minute. This is why if you’re dark skinned, you need more sun exposure to make vitamin D than if you’re fair skinned.

Determining Your Skin type will help you judge how much exposure is better for you.

See charts:

Customer & Employee Holiday Ideas!

This time of year is always a busy one. Not just in celebrating the holidays with family and friends, but in figuring out how to celebrate them within your business with your clients and staff. There are many fun ideas on how to do this, and I wanted to share some of mine with you.

Have a holiday party for your VIP’s or clients. You can send them invitations via e-mail, and use your contacts you already have. Do the party over a “happy hour” 5-7 period so they can come for a couple of hours. Have holiday themed appetizers for your guests and a signature drink for the party, making it fun and spirited. You can also have raffles and games for your clients to play in order to win gifts (product, gift cards to your salon, etc). Have games like Holiday Bingo, guess how many gifts are in the big box, you can also pass around a stocking and have the guests feel it, if they can guess the item correctly, they win! You clients will love this fun get together and will appreciate the gifts!

Another way to thank your VIP clients is to give each of them a gift for the holiday season. You can do this a few different ways. Make it the same gift that each of them get, like a $10 gift card on their account, or make it a random gift that they select by picking an envelope out of many. In the envelope it will say their gift. You can do various gifts like a free upgrade, free eyewear, $10 off a lotion purchase; the list can go on and on. Clients love this fun way to gift and they appreciate it as well! Plus, they’ll spend money when they get discounts off of retail merchandise!

When gifting your employees, there are many different items you can purchase – even under $10! This makes it affordable and fun! Here are 20 of my favorite under $10 gifts:

  1. Tanning Kits (lotion packets & eyewear)
  2. Headphones for their iPods
  3. Shot Glasses (for those employees over 21)
  4. Candles
  5. Scarf/Hat/Gloves
  6. Coffee or smoothie gift card
  7. Chocolates
  8. Coffee Mug
  9. Body Wash
  10. Ice Scrapper/De-Icer
  11. Christmas Socks
  12. Picture Frames
  13. Blanket
  14. Gas Card
  15. Movie Ticket
  16. Netflix of Movie Rental Gift Card
  17. Tin with Cookies or candy in it
  18. 18. Sunglasses
  19. Earrings or Fun Jewelry
  20. Neck Pillow

You can also have a fun party for your staff using little expense. Schedule the party during the time that you would normally use for a store meeting. You can talk to a local restaurant about trading gift cards for their staff in order for them to supply food for your party. Play fun games with them like Employee Trivia. Have everyone write down something about themselves and throw it in a pot. Take turns pulling out the papers and guessing who wrote what. You can also buy inexpensive ornaments for your staff to decorate for themselves at the party.

If you don’t have the budget to supply gifts, have a gift exchange! Have everyone who would like to participate bring a wrapped gift – valued at no more than $10 to the party. To determine the gift-choice play order, participants may draw numbers from a hat. Starting with one and up to the total number of participants. Once an order has been established, each person takes his or her turn choosing a gift. The first person picks a gift, opens it, and shows it to everyone. Then in turn, the next participant chooses to either unwrap a new gift or to “steal” a previously unwrapped gift. If a gift is “stolen”, the person who had their gift taken from them gets to unwrap any one of the unopened gifts; and then, the turn passes. When all the gifts have been opened, the game is over. It’s a fun way for your staff to play a game and get a gift!

Whatever you decide to do for your clients and staff I’m sure they will enjoy it! I’d love to see pictures of your staff and/or client parties, so visit our facebook page and post them on our wall. Also, share your holiday ideas there for all of our fans to see. I hope you all have a fabulous holiday season – and I will see you next year!

February Sunglasses Free Display

Free Sunglass Display with Purchase of 12 Pair of JR Sunglasses

Jessica Robertson Releases Dr.Sun Cosmetic Line

Podz & Dr. Sun Rx Introduce Newest Celebrity Line to the Industry!!!

posterfinalsmall-300x194[TOPEKA] Duck calls and strong family values will be the new face of the tanning industry, courtesy of Podz & Dr. Sun Rx. The Kansas based company signed reality television star of Duck Dynasty, Jessica Robertson.

Dr. Sun will produce several different lotion products for Jessica Robertson, while Podz will focus on sunglasses and accessories such as nail polish, lip gloss and facial bronzer. The company will work with Jessica on all product components, from what goes into the bottle as well as the packaging.

President of Podz & Dr. Sun Christy Hogan is thrilled to bring Jessica to our industry, “Our industry is full of celebrity faces and endorsements. Our company wanted to bring someone on board who not only shared our values as a company, but also has a fun and beautiful personality.”

Jessica Robertson is equally excited, “I have always loved cosmetics, beauty products, and having beautiful skin. Dr. Sun’s quality and brand are something I am excited to stand behind and am proud that they will be making my products.”

Salons will have the opportunity to meet Jessica & Jep in Nashville at the Smart Tan convention, located at the Music City Center. Jessica Robertson  will do a Meet & Greet at the Podz & Dr. Sun booth 935 from 1 pm to 3 pm on Saturday October 4th, 2014.

A limited edition promotional kit with a t-shirt, bag, lotion and poster will be for sale at the booth.

Jessica Robertson’s line will include natural and bronzing tanning lotions, face and leg bronzers, moisturizers, make-up bronzing powders, nail polish, lip balms, and sunglasses.

For more information on the line, please e-mail sales@podzeyewear.com.

Strut your Peacock, A Colorful Promotion Execution

Strut your Peacock

Next month is Breast Cancer Month and promotions are fun to run but how you execute a promotion is key.

For example, I use “Strut your PEACOCK” as a way to colorful way to remember how to effectively execute your promotions.

P- Pick a promotion, and price it right! Find something that would get customers excited and still not devalue your product or service.

(Buy Breast cancer sunglasses, receive free tanning goggles free)

E- Effective dates and time line is need to show when and how the promotion will run. (Oct.1-30, place inventory item in system)

A-Act, make placards for your front desk and in your room and ads. Make sure all your employees are on board and know to ask all customers at check in.

C- Check the effectiveness and ease of the check out prior to executing the promotion, to see if it is in the system correctly.

O- Order plenty of product for the promotion or open your hours, extend your hours for a special promotion weekend. (tan free weekend)

C-Call your best customers or VIP’s. It is very personal to a customer for you to think of them to let them know about your months promotion. Create a Facebook event also and send text to get the word out.

K- Keep track to see your success on the promotion. This allows you to make proper decision on future promotions the following year.

DOs and DON’Ts of Employee Handbooks

DOs and DON’Ts of Employee Handbooks

Making sure that your Employee Handbook is up to date is more important then you may realize. Having the proper documentation to ensure your employees are following all policies the way you would like is essential. Here is a great list of DOs and DON’Ts you can look at when writing or revising your handbook.

1.) DO have a vision statement, mission statement and your core objectives. This gives you a starting place with history of the company to introduce you to your new employees.

2.)    DO have a structure for Paydays. Make sure and tell your employees when they will be paid. Ex: Every Friday, every other Friday, the 1st and 15th of the month. Also make sure they know when their commission will be on the check. This allows for consistency and also less questions.

3.)    DON’T leave your dress code open to interpretation. By doing this you let your employees decide and this creates issues. By telling them exactly what you expect from them, you will never be disappointed.

4.)    DO have an introductory period. This allows for you and the employee to make sure that you are both happy and also for you to review them after 90 days.

5.)    DON’T overlook drug policies. It’s important to spell out exactly what you consider drugs. (Ex: Prescription Medicine, Tylenol, etc.) When you employees are sharing over the counter medicine in your salon you always take the risk of the reactions from customers, or someone being allergic to a medicine. It’s not worth the risk, so it’s important to be clear in your drug policy.

6.)    DO have disciplinary measures. If you have a write-up policy with consequences for each write up, it’s important to have it written out and explained for all your employees. It’s good for them to be able to see what their consequences will be if they don’t follow policy.

7.)    DO have strict policy on what is considered theft. Sadly, each person that is hired is not as trustworthy as we hope. Making sure that you explain what is considered theft, (over discounting lotion,  tanning friends for free, charging people for tans and pocketing money) you protect yourself from employees that may do these things.

8.)    DON’T forget to clarify holiday pay. Making sure your employees understand the difference between full time/part time and paid holidays vs. holidays that you are closed is important. Also what their pay will be if they work a holiday. This way they are not confused when it comes to what they will be paid for.

9.)  DO have an employee tanning policy. Your employees are your sales people, so when they are tan, your customers appreciate their opinion more. Make sure you lay out what kind of incentive your employees will receive when hitting goals also. (Ex: Sign up a new memeber, Get 1 Free Spray Tan) This works in any business model.

10.)   DON’T forget to add attitude and conduct on social media. Facebook and Twitter have become a huge part of today’s society. It is important to make sure your employees aren’t getting upset about something that happens at work and venting about your salon or your customers on social media sites. By addressing this in your handbook, your employees will know not to do this.

When looking over this list, if you find that there are things you need to add to your handbook, make sure that you type them out and have your employees re-sign off on new changes. Each time you make changes, be sure to give your employees a copy as well, after they sign. Another great idea is to have a digital version that they can read online and sign off on. Then they can have a place to refer to in the future if they have any questions. Good luck on revamping your handbook.

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